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The purpose of the guild is to preserve the traditions and history of quiltmaking; to foster an awareness of and be receptive to creative innovations in the art; to promote and sponsor interest and appreciation in all areas of quiltmaking among our members and the general public, and to foster fellowship and the exchange of ideas.  How do you say all of that in one short sentence, To Educate and Entertain Quilters!

We are also involved in several quilting related events around the community.  LVQG members are active in the Lodi fair hosting a quilt turning, volunteering in the quilting area of open class and providing security for the quilts that are entered in the the fair.

Among the benefits of membership is an annual multi-day fall retreat, twice yearly one-day retreats, a yearly workshop with a nationally known instructor and the LVQG Quilt Academy--all at nominal or reduced rates.  All that and monthly meetings with great speakers fulfill the guild's mission to inspire and educate quilters.

For information about joining, please see the home page.

LVQG Bylaws
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Rules of Governance for Quilt Academy

2017-2018 LVQG Board of Directors
President                    Linda Carr
Vice President            Alberta Frey
Secretary                    Kim Van Etten
Treasurer                    Mary Beth Wagner
Membership               Barb Ripp-Statz & Belinda Zeman
Programs                   Trish Frankland
Newsletter/Website   Sylvia Lewis
Hospitality                  Nina Kurt
                             Belinda Zeman
Library                       Deb Maly
Philanthropy             Dotty Sutfin
Historian                   Jan Haupt
Quilt Academy          Cheryl Eggert
Past President          Kristine Millard

Our mailing address is:
Lodi Valley Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 132
Lodi, WI 53555