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The Lodi Valley Quilters Guild has become increasingly more involved in raising awareness and interest in quilting in the Lodi community.  The guild's participation and volunteerism at the Lodi Ag Fair each July is one of the most successful and noticable of our efforts.

More information on the Lodi Ag Fair can be found at www.lodiagfair.com

The Quilt Turning--If you have never been to a quilt turning, this is the one you will want to attend!  The LVQG has been putting on a good ol' fashioned quilt turning at the Lodi Fair for many years.  Quilts are collected from members of the community, the history of each quilt is colorfully summarized and shared with a packed tent.  Many a tear has been shed and a hardy laugh heard during this event.

Quilt turning videos from prior years are available at the Lodi Library.

2017 Quilt Turning Form

Viewers' Choice Awards
--The guild coordinates the Viewers' Choice Awards each year at the fair.  Fairgoers can vote for their favorite quilts in fun categories.